Join D2VN And Sting hack map – Huong dan lam quen game diablo2-vn (Vietnamese)

Join D2VN and Sting hack map

Huong dan nguoi choi moi lam quen voi game, va hieu biet su dung 1 vai tools ( cong cu ho tro ) khi choi gam Dialo 2 sever Viet Nam.

Bo sung code ma lenh cua sting hack map: — phan d2hackmap.cfg——
Cac ban viet code nay o cuoi’ trang. Dung xoa code chuan trong file mac dinh ban dau cua sting hack map. ( Update 8/1/2016 )

Item Colours[0-1203][1,2,3,4,6] : -1,-2
Item Colours[2000-2023] : -1,-2
Item Colours[2036,2135] : -1,-2
Item Colours[2048-2094] : -1,-2
Item Colours[2145] : -1,-2 //invitation
Item Colours[2140-2144] : -1,0x6c //frag1-5
Item Colours[2250-2272] : -1,0×60 //chest xai duoc
Item Colours[2273-2278] : -1,-2 //an? chest99
Item Colours[2096] : -1,-2 //an? large charm
Item Colours[0+][7] : -1,0×62 //unique item
Item Colours[2095,2097] : -1,-2 //grand,small charm, 11,0x9b mau hong, an? -1,-2
Rune Colours[0-16] : 1,-1 //rune thap mau do
Rune Colours[16-22] : -1,-1 //rune trung mau binh thuong
Rune Colours[22+] : 4,0×20 //rune cao mau unique
Item Colours[2008,2009,box] : 1,-1 //binh full,cube
Item Colours[2053,2058,2063,2068,2073,2078,2093]: -1,-1 //perf gem
Item Colours[Gold_Items] : -1,-1 //item ban nhieu gold
//Item Colours[Thresher]”[Eth]” : -1,-1 //item vu khi cua de tu
//Item Colours[Sacred Armor]”[Eth]” : -1,-1 //item ao cua de tu
//Item Colours[Helm_3s] : -1,-1 //item non cua de tu
//Item Colours[Ring][Rare] : -1,-1
Item Colours[Jewel][Unique] : -1,-1
//Item Colours[Flail] : -1,-1
//Item Colours[Crystal Sword] : -1,-1

Hoac cac ban co the copy file san co cua minh va chep de vao file d2hackmap.cfg.

Bo sung them voi cac ban file d2hackmap.vcb. ( Trong file nay minh viet them ten vat pham cua map moi so’ 2 trong game de d2hackmap.cfg hoat dong tot hon theo cac dong code lenh minh viet o tren ).


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